InceptionIf you like mind melding movies that test your intelligence and has major action scenes then Inception is the movie for you. Inception is an incredible film written and directed by the extremely talented Christopher Nolan and revolves around Dominic “Dom” Cobb, and his team, whose job is to enter the dreams of the “Marks”, to retrieve the secrets they have locked away in their subconscious. This film stars many of Hollywoods accomplished and skilled actors including, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Ted Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao and Michael Caine. Dominic “Dom” Cobb, the Extractor (DiCaprio) heads up a team of professionals who specialise in going into people’s dreams to steal the information to their secrets, with the help of Arthur, the Point Man (Gordon-Levitt) whose job is to research the “Marks” before the job, Eames, the Forger (Hardy) who’s responsible for forging documents and posing as people in the dreams, Yusuf, the Chemist (Rao) who mixes the sedatives to hold them in the dream long enough to complete the mission. Saito, the Tourist (Watanabe) hires Cobb and his crew to invade the mind of Robert Fischer, the Mark (Murphy) to make him divide his father’s company so that he doesn’t become too powerful. Doms father (Caine) finds Ariadne, the Architect (Page) from his university class, who designs the dream world. Cobb is being haunted by the memories of his dead wife Mal (Cotillard), so he can’t know too much about the design of the dreams, or else Mal will seep through his subconscious, and leak information to the “Marks” to stop Cobb and his team. Inception, which is the idea of entering someone’s mind and planting an idea so deep that when they come back to reality, they believe it to be their own. The mission: enter Robert Fishers mind to plant the idea to divide his father’s company. The plan: 3 dreams, a dream within a dream, within a dream. The first dream Yusuf’s, so that they can kidnap Fisher, and so Eames can pose as Fishers godfather to try and get some information out of him, and to plant the seed of doubt about his godfathers true motives. The second dream, Arthur’s, where they let Fisher think that they are protecting him from “extractors” hired by his godfather, so that he trusts them. In the third dream Eames’ dream they follow Fisher into a snowy mountain where he unlocks the vault containing the idea Saito wanted them to plant. “He needs to be his own man, divide his father’s company, and start fresh”. In order for them to get back to reality one team member must be left behind in each dream, and perform perfectly times “kicks” to wake themselves up. Kicks are like when you’re on a chair and someone kicks the back of it and you get the sense of falling, it’s the only way for them to wake up from the dreams. Yusuf left behind in the first dream drives the van off a bridge, Arthur left behind in the second blows the elevator down a shaft, Eames left behind in the third explodes the mountain and it all comes crumbling down. The acting in this movie is spectacular, DiCaprio really knows as a senior actor how to pull a cast together. DiCaprio is excellent as he conveys the tale of the tortured protagonist haunted by the memories of his dead wife.  The little rivalry between Arthur and Eames is a great part of the film, amidst all the seriousness and action, it lights up the film a bit. When Eames demonstrates “the kick” to Adriane by kicking a surprised Arthur off his chair, it adds a nice bit of humour to a serious scene. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a chameleon actor, he can really adapt to any situation he is put in, and, can do basically anything that is required. In this movie he is really serious, and his scenes with Ted Hardy and the kiss scene between him and Ellen Page are the only ones where we see a tad of humanity in him, which is perfect for the role of Arthur, who Eames refers to as a “stick in the mud”. Ellen Page is certainly growing into a terrific young actor; she is able to hold her own in this extremely talented group and shines through in certain moments. Christopher Nolan is a visionary, his work this year with Inception and last year with The Dark Night have really put him out there. He excels at working together with the special effects people to create some of the most extraordinary pieces of film. The scene in the hallway where Arthur is fighting one of Fishers dream security men is extraordinary; I have never seen anything like it. The way the whole room turns, and the walls become the floors, and vice-versa as they are floating without gravity, is just sensational. Nolan also knows how to make an intellectual film from the simplest premise, Cobbs desire for his kids to turn around so that he can see their faces. That is Cobb’s reason for everything he does, his motive during the whole film just too see those two little faces. I believe that this is a truly fantastic movie, one of the best that I have seen in a long time. The actors all work together great as an ensemble, the directing and special effects go above and beyond to make this film as successful as it has been. Walking out of the cinema you have a lot of thoughts and questions running through your head, that’s what Nolan does he really gets you thinking about the movie, he leaves some of it up to your own interpretation, and I think he does it very well. I highly recommend this movie to everyone it is breaking box office history all around the world and everyone should find out why.