The stars in this film is Morgan freeman and Tim Ribbons who are in prison in Shawshank. The setting is set in modern time and is titled as drama. But how far can a human being push until he is completely beyond the bars and free from prison? Or is it torture where nobody leaves when their time is eventually finished. Only one man accomplished freedom by escaping the grand Shawshank Prison. Based from the novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption in the novel of four novellas called, Four Seasons by Stephen King.

    Claimed of murder, Andy (Tim Ribbons) get sentenced for twenty years in Shawshank Redemption where new fish are always the prey amongst the others. But once he gets around and defends for himself–knows how the prison runs–he builds a new library and becomes quite a friend amongst the prisoners. But what about escaping Shawshank for good? With Red (Morgan Freeman) on his side and Red’s easy finger for getting things amongst the prison grounds, it is up to Andy to make the decision.

   Once again, the atmosphere of the film is quite dramatic and draws in the viewer. The value of the colors are always dark when you see the prison in the movie and the film keeps you in interest. Its not one of those slushpiles where the first thirty minutes of the film is good then it begins to spoil. This film will catch your interest in a heart beat and you’ll never want to put it down, not even the first three times you watch it.

   The intellegence of any man, whether you’re a banker like Andy or not, anybody could have done what that man did. This is where the film-making becomes a factor in how a man could really push beyond the limits. The secret at the end is a fine example but I’m not here to spoil the end for you. I’m here to talk about how good the film was and try to persuade you into watching this film if you haven’t already seen it. But it is defintely performed well by the actors and a really great movie for the kids and adults.

    The Shawshank Redemption is a got-to-see-film for everyone out there and it will keep you interested and wanting more. And it is a hair length away from a classic.