Walt Disney Pictures brings us The Sorcerers Apprentice directed by Jon Turtelbaum in a Jerry Bruckheimer production.  The introduction of this fantasy movie is set in 700AD.  A short narrative approach to this story where we learn of how Merlin an infamous wizard well known to mankind to this day, is on a mission to destroy an evil sorceress Morgana (Alice Krige).  Merlin has three apprentices that he has devoted himself in teaching to do good for mankind and to help defend them from wickedness of much darker arts.  He later learns of a betrayal by one of his students which leads to his death.

As Merlin lays breaths away from death, he instructs his most trusted apprentice Balthazaar Blank (Nicolas Cage) to seek and find the Prime Merlinian, the only one who would be able to destroy Morgana and save mankind.  During this Merlins other apprentice Veronica casts a spell in where she wills the spirit of Morgana to come within her to help save Balthazaar.  Balthazaar casts his own spell having both Morgana and Veronica trapped inside what we would call and actually seems like a russian babushka doll type casing.  After Balthazaar receives instructions he gives his solemn oath to search for the Prima Merlinian no matter how long his journeys takes him.  After searching 1000 years, we are brought to modern America the year 2000.  Where on one fateful day a boy, Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel) on a school excursion, loses his report on Napoleon Bonaparte, with a question he wrote to a girl in class Becky whether or not she would like to be his friend or girlfriend.  Leaving the note on the seat she was sitting, gusts of winds carries this piece of paper leading him to Arcana Cabana, an antique shop and also the dwellings of Balthazaar (Cage).

Balthazaar learning of how it was a coincidence of how young Dave was lead to his store, shows the boy a small statue of a winged dragon.  Carefully placing the miniature statue on his hand, the object comes to life, moving itself around and positioning as a ring on his finger.  With a great sigh of relief and searching for a 1000 years, Balthazaar explains to Dave what he is to become…the Prime Merlinian.  In the midst of explaining Horvath (Alfred Molina), the apprentice who betrayed Merlin appears and fights Balthazaar in order to gain the doll as well as the miniature statue which now sits on the finger of the Prime Merlinian.  Sparks of waving hands causing havoc and casting of spells throws the pair into an urn where it traps both Balthazaar and Horvath for the next 10 years.

Dave, now 20 and a physics genius finds himself re-living what happened 10 years earlier when Horvath after escaping the urn finds him.  On the run from wolves summoned by Horvath, Dave is saved by Balthazaar who also escaped the urn, in an attempt to finally lay Merlin’s wishes to rest.  The pair start their journey in the event to help Dave learn his magic gifts in order to fulfill the prophecy.  So we can say that Nicholas Cage found his National Treasure here.

Well if you ask me, after watching this movie i was taken back on a ride with Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in the Mask of Zorro.  A patient teacher with a very vocal, always questioning and also humorous student.  Both of whom are in a rush to be as good as their mentors.  And as geeky as Dave may seem, and not an Antonio Banderas look alike, he tends to bring his own sex appeal to his character making him the kind of hero some women or many women fall in love with .

Until next time, see you at the movies!