If you enjoy hip-hop/rap then you will enjoy Queen Latifah (Leslie Wright) and Common(Scott McKnight).  Sanaa Hamri (director) bring these two musical/actors together bringing us a romantic thrill.

Leslie Wright (Latifah), has been given a job of a lifetime.  After meeting Scott McKnight (Common) at a gas station the pair share a quick conversation and Leslie finds herself invited to a party with the New Jersey Nets.  Leslie and god- sister Morgan ( Paula Patton) arrive at the party together, and doesn’t take Morgan to reel in Scott McKnight.  Scott sets his sights on Morgan and things go from there.  After a fatal injury at a basketball game, Scott sees his career being brought to an end and all together gives up on himself.  As for Leslie who has been employed to nurse Scott’s injury back to health, has found herself being wanted by all the NBA teams as a physiotherapist. Well who can say no to an offer like that.

I tend to enjoy Queen Latifah movies, i find her characters to be outrageously enjoyable to watch.   I feel that she brings alot of her own-self to her roles where she is significantly smart with a great sense of humour.

 All in all i have alot of time for chick flicks.  I do not have any negative thoughts on Just Wright except that its just that, a romantic chick flick.  I’m giving it 3 stars.  Even though there was alot of testosterone floating around in there with major basketball stars, but hey we still have to rate how we viewed it.

Until next time, see you at the movies!