Harry Brown


1hr 43 mins

Directed by

Daniel Barber


michael Caine

I love Michael Caine. I am not ashamed to say that i have enjoyed mostly every movie he has done. Even his performance in JAWS: THE REVENGE¬† was somewhat charming. However this HARRY BROWN is not nessicaily his fault but he plays the part of a wounded man so well by the end you’ll feel like you want to kill your self.

I’m not kidding it’s really depressing. This is the alternate version of GRAN TORINO without the uplifting ending. This is a slog through the life of a man being chased by the grim reaper through an underpass, haunted by the local riffraff of the neighborhood that has consumed everything. His battle is so daunting early on you know right off where this one is going. Thankfully the movie’s run time is under 2 hrs.

Good for a one time watch but not worthy of further comment.