Die Hard


2hrs 11 mins


Directed by

John McTiernan

Brucewillis and Alan Rickmen and  Bonnie Badillia

Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 2 nominations, DIE HARD is A story that spans back to the early 70’s from a story by Roderick Thorp that was originally titled NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, the sequel to THE DETECTIVE Reconfigured after being tinkered abound with by Steven De Souza(48-HOURS).

Handed to a Junior Diretor named John Mctiernan(PREDATOR) who brings on an expert cinematographer Jan De Bont(SPEED, TWISTER). Cast Bruce Willis in the role originally titled for Frank Sinatra. Casts an English unknown over here in Alan Rickman. Whew!! Even SPEED 1994 is  a distant second to what is the single greatest stroke of application and execution ever.

A building under siege led by a meticulous super-criminal and a seemingly outmatched loser find  each other hard to shake as they match wits and weaponry in the baddest thriller of them all.