This is not a review: It’s just a question that has been plaguing me for a while, and that question is why didn’t this movie make it big on a national scale? I always believed good cinema should be shared with the world, and that is exactly what this movie is. Micheal Jai White, who you make regognize from Tyler Perry’s ”Why Did I get Married?” or ”Spawn,” it the nail directly on the head with this gem, he not only starred in, but wrote and directed as well. Some people try so hard to make stellar movies only to have them come out terrible, but when someone intends to create a terrible movie only to have it be better then 90% of the ”It” movies, then that is truly a singn of matery over one’s craft. In the film Micheal Jai White plays a hard a nails, ex-soilder/pimp who must return to action after his younger brother ”Jimmy” is shot to death on the streets. After what first seems to be another slaying of a black junkie turns into something way bigger, Black Dynamite takes it upon hisself to not only find his brothers killer, but also eradicate all drug dealings in town.

With a cool and funny cast of charecters and even cooler dialogue, Black Dynamite is sure to have even the most stubbourn movie goer squirming with laughter. What I believe makes this movie work is that it takes dosen’t take itself serious at all, and isn’t that the point? I mean, it is a spoof after all, and it get’s it right where so many have gotten it so wrong. It is a rediculous movie and it dosen’t try and change that fact. Nor does it try so very hard to be funny either, it just is. It’s a blaxploitation, or atleast a retarded step child of one, and it does it so well, and that’s why I had to ask, why didn’t this movie make it big in the theathers? We’ve been fed so much garbage that I’m begging to feel congested and something magical happens and we finally get a worthwhile film and it barely see’s the light of day. Maybe studios were afraid to invest, perhaps it did exactly what Mr Whitle wanted it to, And that is being released for fan’s to enjoy, or perhaps the world simply was not ready for something like this at the time. What ever the reasons were, it is injustice to have such a masterpiece hidden from the world. With folks like Arsenio Hall and Tommy Davidson showing love by lending they’re talent this movie should have been huge, and in a lot of way’s it still is, but I believe that this movie could have been so much more. Most movies are so bad at being good, but Black Dynamite is oh so good at being bad!