The Reaping was a movie that I hated the first time I saw a trailer for it. However, now I’ve actually watched it and may have been converted.

The Reaping was directed by Stephen Hopkins, who’s best film prior to this could arguably been the killer lion flick The Ghost In The Darkness. Anyone who watches any sort of media that advertises movies knows that Hilary Swank stars in The Reaping and that it has something to do with a town besieged by what appear to be biblical plagues, perhaps caused by a little blonde girl who lives in the swamp. Swank plays a former minister turned God-hating professor setting out to prove miracles all have scientific explanations.

Hilary Swank doesn’t appeal to me when I think of headlining actresses and yet I am usually not disappointed by her performances. This film is no exception, she earns her paycheck. The supporting cast earn theirs as well, though surely a much smaller one. The little girl actress in the film, Annasophia Robb, is cute and all, only borderline creepy and fills her role well enough, but she isn’t a Dakota Fanning.

A popular comment amongst other critics are to say that the story behind The Reaping is cliché and that the movie would have been straight to Dvd had it not been for the star power of Swank. The twist or where the film is heading is very predictable, but the story is entertaining overall. This is a solid movie and  I disagree and think, though Swank didn’t hurt, it could carry itself. Then again I like dark religious plots and things that involve cults.

The special effects are CGI goofiness, but they did not steal away from my opinion of the movie and overall I just have to say I was surprised I say through it all; pleasantly so. A solid and decent movie worth a rent.