Despite the use of a very pretty black horse, it’s hard for even the strongest animal lovers to enjoy the 2011 movie, the Dark Horse.  Director and writer Cornelia Moore showed that she was barely competent at handling the camera but not competent at all when it came to the writing.  Likewise, the same could be said for the cast which included Carol Roscoe as Dana, Kathryn Mesney-Hetler as Gwen, and Sean Griffin as Fiatch.

The movie, in itself, tried to be an inspiration to all those that had lost their dreams and managed to find them again.  It began with Dana returning to her childhood home.  At the time, the only ones there were her parents and her little brother.  But shortly thereafter, her older brother would also return home.  Meanwhile, various problems would surface between the members of the family.  Most notably, Dana and her mother didn’t get along after Dana got hurt because of her mom making her ride an untrained horse.  Also, Dana’s father was on the onset of Dementia.  In addition, the two brothers didn’t get along anymore after the older one slept with (and married) the younger ones girlfriend.  This all came to a head when the family discovered that they were going to lose the farm.  Dana chose to ride the horse in a competition at that point, an event that would help the family heal and potentially help them keep the farm.

All in all, almost nothing went right in this movie.  Most obviously, the actors were terrible.  It was like watching an elementary school play but with less drama.  That being said, they didn’t have much to work with either.  The writing suffered from a lack of depth and a lack of memorable characters.  Also, the director showed a complete misunderstanding of pacing.  The movie moved along at a snail’s pace, but wasn’t strong enough in any area to make up for how slow it was.  In the end, the only thing I can honestly say I enjoyed about the movie was the Celtic soundtrack but there’s much better Celtic music out there (“Brave” is a much better movie to watch for that type of music).

But in the end, this movie was nearly unwatchable.  It’s not the worst movie ever made, but it wasn’t so bad, it’s good either.  Basically, there’s no way in Hell I would ever recommend this movie (even as a bad joke).