It’s 1970 and one of this nations biggest battles was just fought and won. Enter Saya, a mysterious and beautiful Japanese woman with a deep, dark, secret. She just happens to be a vampire hunter for a secret society know only as the ”Counsel.” But if that dosen’t rate on your ”Freaky scale,” Then what about the fact that she’s over 200 years old, are that just like the creatures she hunts down, she too relies on blood to keep her alive? Freaky right? Given her newest assingment, which requires her to go undercover as a 17 year old student on U.S military base in order to smoke out any hidden blood suckers,  She finds herself the relunctant protector of a young american girl who. witnessess a bit to much for her own good. Now with ties with her own people now broken, and a Master Vampire on her trail, this young half-breed must learn to tame the monster within and regain the humanity she’d thought she lost.

Cool fight scenes, decent acting, and Vampires! The making’s of a stellar movie right? Wrong. While good enough to keep you entertained, there were scene’s that just didn’t seem right. Like when Alice Mckee (actress Allison Miller) was kicked by a vampire posing as a student. I believe being kicked by that much force, especially in the stomach, would cause one to heave uncontrollably, or that she’d have been hurt alot more then she was, or when Saya (the stories protagonist, played by actress Gianna Jun) fought a horde of vamp’s, she was barely touched, and yes we’ve seen this before: a la Blade, but still, the diffrence is that he was suppose to be stronger not weaker, and Saya is suppose to be weaker, due to not fully giving in to her dark heritage. But beside’s some small upsets, this movie is very well done, though I prefer the Anime to the live-acton version. This is just my opinion, maybe yours will be diffrent, but if you need something to keep you busy for a hour or so, and vamps and samurai are your fare, then this movie will deffenitly sate your hunger. Much respect to the cast and crew who made this film posible and put it out their for people like me to complain about! Also Chris Nohan, the director of this film and Jet Li’s Kiss Of The Dragon will continue to have a fan in me.