This is the movie that finally gave John Wayne an Oscar, and fuck if I know why. I mean, is this better or even much different from his performance in The Searchers? I don’t think so anyways, although I know that the Searchers is a masterpiece, and this movie has an amazing ability to break up the pacing that is quite remarkable. I kid, I kid…it’s the thing that actually makes this movie less remarkable than what it should be.

In fact, Wayne really does get his time to shine, not that he needed it really, by playing a badass ant hero that…hear ye hear ye…wears an eye patch, drinks a lot, but it’s fine, because he don’t think much of himself anyways. And to be quite honest, yes, I really did John Wayne’s performance in True Grit, so why not give him an oscar for it. Didn’t they give Sean Penn one for I Am Sam, I mean, that movie was crap, but he was great in it. Same deal (shit, i hope he did get his oscar, otherwise let me know, I really should check, but I’m not arsed).

The missed gem is Glen Campbell’s turn as an actor. I’m a fan of his as a singer, and guitarist for than matter, but heck, didn’t think much of him as an actor. I guess that’s why he didn’t act in much after than anyways. But he sure was a pretty boy. Kim Darby, on the other hand, was quite good. I notice the little things in movies, and I just thought that that bit where Glen Campbell and her meet the first time, and the faces she makes, and how outraged she is at this texan guy, so rude and charming at the same time…it made me smile. And she’s so good that she actually gets more and more attractive as the movie goes on.

The thing is that, as I said, the iconic part of the movie is John Wayne and that’s it. True Grit is neither as adventurous as The Searchers not as suspenceful as Rio Bravo for that manner, although I did enjoy the ending, as I believe anyone that likes a good ole western every now and again would. However, there is something more poetic that I like to read into True Grit. 1969 was quite late for a western to have been released, that is a good ole Americana western anyways, you know what I mean? They seemed to be outdated. I find that Wayne personified the western genre, old, outdated perhaps, but still with plenty a-spirit in ’em.

WATCH FOR THE MOMENT – ‘Fill your hand, you son of a bitch’ says Rooster, and then charges fearlessly at the four bandits, in a very exciting and fast final bout. I believe that line alone was good enough to finally give ole Duke his Oscar.