Christopher Nolan’s worst movie, though it is still a very good movie, is a tale of suspense, drama, decision, and especially murder.

Based on the 1997 Norwegian film of the same title, Insomnia is the story of two L.A. cops who are sent out to a small town in Alaska to solve the murder of a teenager. The story is riveting, and from near-about the beginning, the problems and mysteries ensue.

Reasons it Pissed me Off: The ending. Christopher Nolan is the MASTER (undisputed, that is) of endings, and I was waiting for a Nolan ending, and when the ending came around, the whole time the screen slowly backed out, I was saying in my head “this can’t be the ending, this can’t be the ending….” But it was. So, this proves, Christopher Nolan needs to keep to writing and directing the films he makes, or with his brother, and not just write or just direct.

Best Aspects: Kept you on the edge of your seat, the plot was good, the filming was great, and Robin Williams’ performance deserved an Oscar (imagine Kevin Spacey in Seven, and multiply that by three and that is the ability Williams had as his character).

Bottom Line: B+. Though this was Nolan’s worst film, the fact remains that it was still pretty damn good. I’d recommend seeing it if you ever wanted to see the movie Seven be mixed with more of a cooperative mystery type of movie (no example of this comes to mind. After all, it is nearly midnight).