I think that Robert Pattinson is a smart person, in the sense of he played the right roles and got millions of women everywhere to want to have relations with him. Though I also think he is another word that I cannot use on public domain, he is still smart in how he presents himself. I normally don’t like romance movies because they are incredibly unreal, but something got me when I saw Remember Me. It reminded me of my own life and many other stories that I have heard from friends about what they are going through. This is probably the most realistic and most creative/entertaining romance/drama that I have seen. The only problems are that it was probably too real for many of the girls in this Pattinson Cult following (I think it is called the Cullen Cult at this point in time (BTW, that was sarcasm, work with it)), because they expect a romance film to be how it is in real life.

Ally (Emilie de Ravin) witnessed her mom’s murder at the F Line of the subway station in New York 10 years ago, in 1991, and it is now 2001, where she is still trying to get over it while living with her overprotective detective father Neil (Chris Cooper). She then meets Tyler (Pattinson) who was bet, by his friend Aiden, to go out with, sleep with and dump Ally to get back at her police officer father for an altercation that occured between the two friends and he. Once Tyler begins to hang out with Ally, he begins to fall in love with her, and when all seems to be good, the bad really begins.

Best Aspects: Nice twist ending, very good acting, outstanding writing and directing, good plot and a nice soundtrack to go with it.

Bottom Line: A. Good film, the only romance film that I have seen that I have given it a grade above a D. See it if you really want to see a good, whole hearted movie. WARNING: May make you sad in the end.