Most recently I purchased a collection of Horror films titled “Gorehouse Greats”, 3 DVD’s with 2 films per side, totaling 12 films. Being a huge fan of gore house cinema… I bit and the purchase was final. After thumbing through the discs- one in particular reached out to me. It was called “Blood Mania”, it prompted me for some reason to place it in the Blu-Ray player and give it a go. The film presented itself to me in three parts over a three day period and with a title like “Blood Mania” how could I go wrong…..right?”Blood Mania” Stars Peter Carpenter as “Dr. Craig Cooper”and on this particular day he is visiting a patient, a Mr. Ridgely Waterman (Eric Allison) for a checkup. During that visit Dr. Cooper also meets Waterman’s daughter Victoria. Victoria lives with her father and takes care of him, when she isn’t trying to sleep with anything she can lay her smoking hot body down on.We soon learn that Dr. Cooper has skeletons in his closet, in the form of “Former Abortion Clinic Dr”….yes..that’s right, he is a baby killer and someone is attempting to blackmail him for a 1970’s whopping $50,000…..that’s big cheese….I digress! Or the beans will be spilled, causing him to lose his medical licence. This of course leads him to allowing the ever so hot daughter, to seduce him. Reveling her amazing naked body in scenes of 70’s esque porn…not that I would know what that looks like Now obsessed with Dr. Cooper, Victoria devises a plan to kill her rich, sick father and deliver the proceeds to the ever so smooth Doc.Meanwhile, Dr. Coopers girlfriend (Reagan WIlson) sleeps with the blackmailer( not to be confused with the black male…sorry, I continue) in an attempt to thwart him away from the morally rich Dr. Cooper, only to reveal her “Playmate of the Month”(October 1976) body in all its glory( songs of harps playing). Victoria( Maria de Aragon) becomes a hot mess and thus begins the downward spiral that is……”Blood Mania”Ok, considering this film is from 1970, and taking it for what it is, I have to admit…’s pretty good. It helps that there are beautiful naked bodies portrayed like 70’s porn….didn’t I already say that? I’m not talking brief nudity….ohh look her boob popped out. I’m talking straight soft core porn style…why do I keep saying porn? Peter Carpenters acting is a little over the top, however Maria de Aragons boobs are amazing…I mean, she plays out of her gord to the tee! **Random info alert** Apparently she played “Greedo” in the first “Star Wars” film….1st yes, however it was Episode IV…so there!Direction was fine, aside from Carpenters overacting(not sure there was a lot of real acting going on there). Set Design is simple and minimized to the few locations. The lighting and camera angles are refreshing, if you like boob angles from every direction.This doesn’t give much away, however I will issue a **Mild Spoiler Alert**  There isn’t much blood in “Blood Mania”( that was it, not really a spoiler)Overall, their really is a plot to this film, and Director Robert Vincent O’Neil executes it quite well! Some of his “Popper” induced symbolism is a bit of a stretch, although with it being a 70’s budget bomb…it fits well. Casting of the hotties is spot on and whoever’s idea it was to strip them down…ohh yeah, it was the screenwriters…wait that was Carpenter….was a great idea!I like this film and recommend it to anyone who likes a little trance like horror, 70’s style. Laced with naked bodies and an end twist for the ages.BruceVain