Now reality television has taken things way to far! Series seven is the story of six very unlucky people, chosen to be contestants on a show that pit’s people againgst complete strangers in a match to the death. Or at least sometimes their strangers. Dawn: the shows reigning champ, is only a few more kills from retirement and living a life of peace with her unborn child. But when she discovers that one of her next targets is her ex-bestfriend/lover, she must decide between her freedom, and her love and loyalty to her former flame. Not to mention the cold and calm Killer-Nurse who may just be Dawn’s downfall.

Ok! This movie kicked major ass! Everything was on point, from the acting to the plot. I actually felt as if I was watching a reality show that had me rooting for each charecters survival. Daniel Minahan did a spactacular job with this film, and I really can’t find any negative points to go on about. Oh and for those of you who are not familiar with the name, im sure your familiar with some of the shows he as worked on. (Six Feet Under, True Blood, Deadwood) and a few other, believe me the man can Direct, and his writing is good enough to keep you sucked in to the story without feeling confused or let down afterwards. Brooke Smith as the contender reigning champ (Dwan) played her role very well, making you as sympathatic to her plight as you might be disgusted with her decision to kill so mercilessly. This movie for me, truly touched on human nature, proving that anyone, Man, Woman, or Child is capable of commiting great sin. And that the world isnt just black and white, but grey as well. Glenn Fitzgerald as the cancer victim Jeff is so wonderful to me, his pain and tired anger makes you want to tear up. I love how the charecters just easily accept their fates. As if it’s not actually happening to them, or that all the have to do is complete thier task and everything will be fine. Its the same thing we all do when we enter a new job, even if we hate it, it’s what needs to be done to insure survival, and thats what this movies all about!

All in all, if you want to watch a cool movie with a great cast of charecters, or you just can’t find a decent reality show to watch on t.v anymore, then check out Series 7 you will not be dissapointed.