So… Adrien Brody is parachuting… and parachuting… and looking… and- oh! decapitation! This movie is really slow at times, and gory in a good way at other times. The movie is a truly well-done action- HAHAHA, almost said that without laughing! This movie sucked, and it is like Nimrod Antal just said “you know what? Have nothing but violence, some terrible character construction, and a damned destruction of the way Predators are. If you kill a Predator, as shown in Predator 2, you are respected and are not attacked by the Predator anymore. In this one, screw that, bud, you are gonna die regardless. The twist was weak as hell, and the ending was simply made to say “haha, we’re gonna make another one, glad you sat through that shit to find out that you have to watch another to get your fix on the raping of a franchise!” Oh, and Lawrence Fishburne is in the movie for like 5 minutes.

Adrien Brody (in one of the worst casting jobs ever) is the badass character who is supposed to save everyone, and the other 7 killers/weaponists are just there to whine and get killed. The gore and violent parts were cool simply because they were well done in the since of an action film, but the movie as a whole was weak.

Best Aspects: Violence and gore were at top level, but the actual film sucked.

Bottom Line: D. Not the worst film I have ever seen, but it is still pretty bad. If you are a fan of gore, though, you’d probably like this movie.