Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin are two people who, normally, should NOT be in a movie together. But, the one instance where you’d want them to be in the same movie is when you have a fantastic story that is being directed by Harold Becker (Mercury Rising), because, obviously, it worked. Malice is a great film that really captivates with its driven horror vibe that is settled with the viewing instance of a mild chiller. The movie is quite good, is essentially what I’m trying to say. Possibly Alec Baldwin’s best serious performance.

The film is about a woman named Tracy (Kidman) who is trying to have a child with husband Andy (Bill Pullman) and is having difficulties. When Andy tells a doctor, Jed Hill (Alec Baldwin) about it, Jed insists on helping. When the pain is prolonged, and Tracy soon can’t take it anymore, the problems begin as Jed performs surgery on her, only to have it end in a problematic.

Best Aspects: Good acting, writing, and directing. The plot twist was good, as well.

Bottom Line: B+. Good movie, but there were a couple of problems with the way it was filmed and some confusing random things added in that could have shortened the run time. Pretty good movie, though. The film can be seen either on TV if you are lucky enough to find it randomly on, and it can be seen via Instant Play on Netflix.