“Ah! I want to brush my teeth with it!”
“I want to put my d%$# in it!”
“I want it to put its d%$# in me!”

Welcome to the humor of a Broken Lizard film, namely Beerfest. The preceding quote is from the film, and it is the kind of humor found throughout the movie. The Broken Lizard comedy troupe is noted with the amazingly funny Super Troopers, and they followed up their first, and best, film with a movie about beer… a lot of beer. When a comedy movie comes around that is as idiotic and graphic in the sense of abusive substances, you’ve gotta love it. The film is just funny as hell, and though it is stupid funny, it is still really funny. For anyone who has ever played a beer game and wants to see a funny showing of a collage of them, this movie is for you. Especially if you were a fan of Super Troopers.

The movie is about two brothers (BL’s Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) who are traveling to Bavaria to put their grandfather’s ashes in the family resting place, which happens to reside at the location of the world’s greatest drinking competition of the countries of the world. They are led there, and then had their grandfather’s ashes thrown on them by their long-lost great-uncle, Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen (the excellent Jürgen Prochnow). They then go back to American and vow to right their grandfather’s, and their, name.

Best Aspects: Funny, fair acting, good writing, good direction, and a somewhat stupid (but very funny) plot twist.

Bottom Line: B+. Its movies like this that just make a “I want to watch a funny movie” moment great. Though it is funny, it is still very stupid, and isn’t a very (I can’t believe I’m saying this) aspiring role model for children to follow from the excessive usage of alcohol, but the point is that it is funny, and that’s really all that matters. Isn’t it?

“Looks like we got the Brits in round 1. We already kicked their asses in W-W-2, cheer-i-o, let’s do it again.”