Ever since Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight came out in 2008 people have been wondering what his next movie would be. The answer to that is the anticipated motion picture called Inception. Is it possible for this movie to live up to the hype? There is only one word to answer that question and that is an enthusiastic yes.  



The main character in this movie is named Dom Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Cobb is hired by confidential employers to infiltrate the sub-conscious of other people in order to steal their thoughts, also known as extraction. Cobb along with his sidekick Arthur played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt are hired by a businessman named Saito played by Ken Watanabe. Saito wants Cobb and Arthur to perform the opposite on his business rival, the opposite being to plant a memory instead of stealing one, also known as inception. Cobb initially rejects the idea but after an intriguing reward promised by Saito he agrees to do it. Cobb sets out to hire himself a team to perform the operation, along with Arthur he hires the character of Ariadne who will serve as the architect; the character is played by Ellen Page. In addition to her Cobb hires Eames who specializes in forgery, he is played by Tom Hardy and lastly he hires Yusuf a chemist played by Dileep Rao. The team quickly discovers that performing an inception is both dangerous and nearly impossible. 



Nolan has always had a reputation of being a great story teller and this movie will add to that Resume. This movie is always two to three steps ahead of you making you constantly think and question what you are seeing. The effects in here are breathtaking and it is clear the amount of time and effort that went into them. The cinematography in here is fantastic and it will truly dazzle audiences everywhere. The performances in here from top to bottom are all great. DiCarprio, Levitt, Page all bring their best to the screen. Great performances are also turned in by Cillian Murphy as the rival businessman and Marion Cotillard as Cobb’s wife. The movie does not fall into one specific genre, it is a well made action film, it’s a compelling drama, and it is an accomplished science fiction film as well. Nolan also spent close to seven years on this script and it is written in intelligent fashion, with great lines of dialogue throughout. Even though it can be argued that in this film Nolan borrows some elements from other movies, including scenes from The Matrix he does not rip them off by copying them entirely; he adds his own elements to them which make them authentic.  



I will give a fair warning to people that this movie is complicated in the sense that you have to follow it closely in order to understand what is going on. I only say that as a weakness because some people are not into those kinds of movies. Although the supporting cast is great they are not written all that well. What I mean by that is we do not find out anything in detail about Page’s and Levitt’s characters. I am assuming that this was not done because Nolan did not want to dilute the story but it would have been nice to get some more insight in order to find out their motivation. 



Seeing a movie like this reminds me of why I enjoy movies as much as I do. In today’s age it is rare that you see filmmaking like this that constantly is challenging you both mentally and visually like this motion picture does. This movie will be a serious contender come Oscar time in every category. Including best director, best picture, cinematography, and acting categories as well, congratulations Mr. Nolan you have done it again. Just when I thought you could not do any better you go above and beyond all expectations.