Dear readers,

             As I entered the movie theater on the premeir of The Last Airbender, I was suprised to see few people if any in their seat as the movie was begining. I have thought of two reasons on why they chose not to come. First, I had to pay an outrageous price for my tickets probably do to M. Night Shyamalan’s budget of over 200 million, I mean COME ON with a budget like that, He could of at least lengthened the movie to account for oh I don’t know, MABEY SHOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THE FIRST BOOK!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if you didn’t watch the series, you would have no freakin’ idea on what was going on!!! AND WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO APPA’S LEGS!!!! Second, i’m shure that if the trailers had something to do with the movie, then mabey more fans would show up!!!!

      Now on to the series favorite characters, Aang and zuko. Aang is played by Noah Ringer, and the only reason he was picked was to to a video of him doing martial arts, now i’ll admit he’s good at that, and he only lacks one thing, THE COMPLETE ABILITY TO ACT!!! I mean seriously, he did not capture Aang at all, instead of Aangs carefree attitude and humor Aang is replaced with some depressing little douchebag who doesn’t even smile.W…T…F… and whats with the pronounciation of his name? this film is ENGLISH use the ENGLISH version of the shows name! Change sOka to socka, Ero to Iroh, and aung TO AANG!!!! Now you’re probably thinking what about Zuko, was that him in the trailer? unfortunatly yes, while dave patel isn’t a bad person for the role in general, Shyamalan’s consept for him ruined the character. For one, his scar isn’t near what it should be like, looking like he had an incident with a razor and a sunburn over his eye. And while i’m partial to the ponytail, im fine with his hair for now.

          But not all of it was bad, an example of this is the CGI effects like the bending and momo, which were both convincing other that the fact that momo’s movements looked like it was from a video game, they were pretty good effects in general. While the effects were okay the execution could use work, like the earthbenders used what seemed like endless movements in order to move a pebble. and what about the fire bending, Iroh’s part was so terrible I laughed ( not at iroh, at the firebenders around him) GASP!!!! HE MADE FIRE OUT OF NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that what they do? Anyway, in conclusion, if you want to see a laughably bad movie and a possible reincarnation of dragon ball evolution, hate good movies, or if your a huge fan and must watch it then don’t say that I didn’t warn you!!!