Wes Craven speaks again about the inspiration for ‘Freddy Krueger” most recently in the fear.net series “Post Mortem” Hosted by  “Masters of Horror series creator and Director Mick Garris. He remembers when he was a young boy, his family lived in a 2 story building, when one night he was peering out the window from the second floor down at a homeless man. Wes speaks about how the man at one point notices Wes looking at him and proceeds to toy with him, making eerie pose like depictions in the shadows of the night. Wes Craven speaks about the mans eyes and the penetrating fear evoked by his gaze( that Freddy gaze). This interaction affected him in a great way( mostly with fear), promoting him to run into his brothers room to share his trepidation of this man in the street; who now is pounding at their front door. Wes’ brother now wielding a baseball bat opens the front door to find…..no one!34 years later the incarnation of this experience is brought to life on the big screen with the iconic film “A Nightmare on Elm Street”(1984). In this writers opinion, one of the greatest horror classics of all time- about a child murderer, burned severely- hunting the “Elm Street Children”, punishing them for the acts their parents committed.Flash forward another 25 years- Freddy Krueger returns again in the Platinum Dunes reboot helmed by Samuel Bayer( Nirvana-“Smells like teen Spirit ” video) for the first time, without the man behind the makeup…Robert Englund, the plot of the kids being from “Elm Street”( replaced by the kids all going to preschool together) or any real moments of fear.The writers of “NOES” (2010) hint at a decently laid out plot, however the content inserted between beginning and end misses the mark…completely!Jackie Earl Haley encompasses 0 believability as Freddy Krueger. He has a head that looks like “Spud Mackensie” or a small horse, this symmetry makes him look clearly unrecognizable as the iconic bogeyman. He is also too short to play the part. How can Robert Englund be typecast as Freddy and not be brought back to play the role people only know him as? I’m convinced the boys at Platinum Dunes made this movie knowing that the buzz would create enough of a box office hit to cover their budget. The film made its money simply because Robert Englund helped create a franchise like no other. Nothing new is introduced in this latest incarnation and the studios will green-light another remake for them to defile.Ok…so what, the guys name is Freddy, he has the sweater and glove and  the girls name is Nancy…big whoopee!! This film is soo not NOES its unbelievable. Another 50 million ransacked from the pockets of fans, believing  the franchise would deliver again the red and green sweater-ed bogeyman. Only to raked over the coals and shuffled out for the next theater full of optimists to get rolled over.I will admit that the dreamscape  sequences were quite entertaining. The “one liners”  from the previous films were refreshing. Had this film been the original- with no 8 previous films. It would have had a very difficult opening weekend.Nightmare on Elm Street(2010) opening weekend take was $35million……week 2 it dropped 72% earning only $9million…week 3 an additional 54% drop earning $1.5million. Numbers don’t lie! The buzz was never built after opening weekend, that’s how bad this film was. No one recommended it or saw it a 2nd time. ” Welcome to my world bitch”They don’t care you didn’t like their film and wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, they already got your money….. correction…our money!BruceVain