You know I cannot even remember the last time when I saw two movies in a weekend that I enjoyed and this weekend was just that. Get Him to the Greek is directed by Nicholas Stoller whose best known work is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This film is one of those movies that you go to laugh and have a good time, however, do not expect more because if you do you might not like this movie as much.


The story of this movie is you have an intern at a record company called Pinnacle named Aaron Green played by Jonah Hill. Green is enthusiastic about his job but his company is quickly loosing business due to the rise of music being downloaded and people growing less interested in buying albums. Green’s boss Sergio Roma played by Sean “Diddy” Combs is also frustrated due to the company’s lack of business. One day during a meeting Green suggests that the company host a concert at the Greek theatre of one of rock and roll’s bad boys named Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand. Roma enthusiastically likes the idea and sets Green up to fly to Europe to pick him up and bring him back in order for him to perform the show. However, problems quickly arise once Green gets to Europe for Snow is an out of control rock start who wants to sleep with every women he sees, drink every drop of alcohol insight and consume every drug that he can get his hands on. This is the basic setup for these two running into problem after problem based on the rock star lifestyle of Snow.


Overall the movie is funny and entertaining and there are several party scenes in this movie that will make a lot of people laugh. Brand and Hill both are playing there characters so over the top that it adds to the humour of the problems that they get into. Also Combs is funny in this and he is actually a record producer in real life which makes his character even funnier in the film. Brand and Hill are constantly bickering at each other throughout the movie and the audience does notice that they do have chemistry between them that comes across as genuine.


Like most over the top comedies this movie tries to cross over and have some emotional moments and they do not work at all. They simply do not work because these characters are so over the top and so unrealistic that you cannot by into them trying to have these moments. Brand and Hill have several scenes in this movie where they debate the relationship problems they are having and the advice they give each other is just so far off the wall that it is impossible to believe. The movie does try hard to make these situations work but throughout the whole movie these characters are too cartoonish to have these moments. If the film had stuck consistently with its goofball approach and did not try so hard to crowbar emotion into itself I would have enjoyed it a lot more.


Overall this movie is fun enough and enjoyable enough for me to recommend. This film is not the funniest film of the year but there are enough humorous moments in it that made me enjoy it. The film’s biggest strength is the chemistry between Hill and Brand who pull off there characters with ease. The film’s biggest weakness is its forcefulness with emotional scenes. I did laugh throughout the movie and it is fun enough to entertain you from start to finish.