When you think of the early movies of a year, you think of sub-par, horribly-written (as well as directed) box office failures. This year was different, though, with the EXTREMELY highly grossing film Alice in Wonderland (which was par at best), the fantastic Polanski thriller The Ghost Writer, based on the novel by Robert Harris, and the Pierre Morel dynamic that was From Paris With Love. But, the film that truly shows the ability of the earlier films this year is certainly The Book of Eli. Denzel Washington brings great acting and royal kick-ass-ness to the mix of Gary Oldman’s great villainy and Mila Kunis’ surprisingly good acting. The film is quite touching, showing that hope and good will always prevail in the world.

Thirty years after an apocalyptic event, Eli (Washington) wanders towards the Pacific coast, and his skills of survival are put to the test as he kills bandits and whatever wildlife stands in his way. He comes to a town run by Carnegie (Oldman), who is in search of the book that Eli has, because he believes that it is the source of ultimate power. With a great plot twist and fantastic action, The Book of Eli is one of the best films of the year.

Best Aspects: Good acting, great writing, great direction, and a great plot.

Bottom Line: A. Probably the second best film so far this year. I would certainly recommend it.