‘American Reunion’ is another entry in the film series started by ‘American Pie’
This one, unlike most of the sequels, has all the original cast, each girl and guy

While most of them are featured in the film some have very small cameo parts
The group is all going back home for a reunion which is how the story starts

It’s Jim and Michelle, Oz, Finch, Kevin and of course there is Stiffler and Jim’s dad
They want to have another weekend to remind them of the good times they had

This reunion has them all gathering thirteen years since they graduated high school
Now they’re all married or in relationships but they’re still not what you’d call cool

The story touches on the problems that each of them is having in their personal life
Mostly it’s about Jim and Michelle and the issues they have being husband and wife

Like the other films in the series there’s some nudity and awkward sexual situations
It also has some of the characters rekindling feelings from their high school relations

If you’re a fan of the first few films from the series then you’ll probably enjoy this one
It’s just ok and needed more funny moments, and with this, I think the series is done