No brakes, no gears, is how extremist bike messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) travels through Manhattan to deliver important documents to companies. During a pickup, Wilee is confronted by a dirty cop who wants his Wilee’s pickup. The dangerous chase throughout the city begins when Wilee refuses. Why is this package so special? Is it illegal? How far will the cop go to get take it?

I was not expecting this film to be as dull and boring and repetitive upon first viewing the trailers. All they kept talking about was Wilee not using brakes or gears, I got it the first five times they mentioned it. I was excepting to see some daredevil tricks and high flying action with minions but no all I got was a lame instructional video on how to ride you bike fast through traffic. Even the romance part of the film was horribly boring and not believable. The dialogue was mainly narrative and the scenic parts played a bad supporting role as they were barely noticed in the film. All in all, I will never see this film again.
Rating: 1 star