Antoine Fuqua who is most famous for his critically acclaimed movie Training Day returns with another spellbinding cop based movie.

The movie follows the lives of three unconnected Brooklyn cops and how they manage their lives between upholding the law and breaking it.

Sal, played by Hawke, is a dirty Narcotics officer bent on providing his family a better life (starting with a new apartment which his salary can’t afford), at all cost. Hawke, who worked with Fuqua on Training Day, received an Oscar nomination for his lovely portrayal as an innocent rookie. And it would no surprise if he gets another Oscar nod for delivering a real fine job in this movie.

Eddie (Richard Gere) has served with the force for a while, and is only days away from retiring. Now he’s being assigned to babysit and keep in line trigger happy rookies at a time when civilians’ faith in the officers isn’t exactly high.

Tango (Don Cheadle), is an undercover cop who has been living his undercover life so convincingly that he’s slowly getting sucked into the lie he’s living. He’s been seeking for a chance to get back to just having a desk job and when his opportunity finally comes, it comes with a price attached to it. He has to take down Caz (Wesley snipes) a criminal friend of his from the hood.

Fuqua managed to keep the stories of these different people intact and the transition between the scenes could be compared to a Dj cross fading tracks. The most mind-blowing scene of all was where the three main characters of the movie, oblivious of each other, appear at a particular location in pursuit of different things.

Though Brooklyn’s finest is not going the first movie having a “good cop/ bad cop” plot, the combination of  the movie’s main cast, including a surprisingly brilliant performance from Wesley Snipes (whose last major movie was 2004’s Blade Trinity), and the manner with which the plot is tackled, sets this action thriller apart from others with similar plots. All in all, it’s a powerful and must watch movie.

Rating: 8/10