This movie stars lindsey Lohan, and makes you realize why she might be in rehab.  It is rated R, but I think it is mostly for gore and violence. 

This movie is about a woman who is abducted by a serial killer and is tortured.  The serial killer has abducted at least on other woman and the signs of torture were obvious to everyone as she was found without a leg.

I thought this movie was a little too violent for absolutly no reason.  There is one scene where the killer has set a block of ice on Linsey Lohans hand for a long period of time.  The scene shows as he pulls the ice off of her hand he takes a large chunk of her skin with it, then he cuts off her finger.  It goes way too into the gore if it than it needs too.

I also had a big problem with the direction of the scenes.  A lot of the scenes you asked yourself what the heck it was about.  It kept showing scenes of Lindsay in the hospital and then flashbacks to this incredible violence.  Yes, I have watched Nightmare on Elm Street and Hostile, but the violence in those had a point, and weren’t all about grossing the audience out.  There were scenes in this movie that seemed just intended to make the audience uncomfortable, and they didn’t really add to the story.

I wouldn’t recommend this story for anyone.  It was a waste of my time, and It was one time when I wish that I could use a time machine to go back into time and not go to this movie.  I would have rather poked my eyes out than seen this movie.  Lindsey Lohan is a horrible actress, and this movie just proved why.