New York is definitely not a place where some people want to live. It’s mostly a widely populated area and the fact of the matter is: you will get hurt. With “Premium Rush”, a fast paced movie about how dangerous it can be to do your job, you will run into some unexpected things. It’s a common fact that most New Yorkers either take a cab, the subway, or walk to your destination. Then there’s also riding a bike, which is the main focus of this film. While the story is something to consider, as well as the villain being a huge cliché, the action and camerawork is what holds this movie through. “Premium Rush” delivers the rough and tough aspect of living and doing your job in New York, especially when it’s on a bike.

 The story involves a bicycle rider named Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who works as a delivery boy in Manhattan. The film chronicles three hours of his life trying to deliver a simple package and make a safe delivery. Unfortunately, said package contains information that should only be opened by the receiver. Because Wilee gets involved with some very bad people and is now being chased by a corrupt cop (Michael Shannon) who also wants to get his hands on the envelope. Now, Wilee must deliver the package on time whilst avoiding the cop and the mammoth traffic that New York is known for.

 “Premium Rush” excels in its execution. The cast does a pretty good job, especially from Gordon-Levitt who’s starting to become a decent actor since his days on ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’. The direction is smooth as there is a lot of motivation given to the actors. The music gives the viewer a nice punk rock feel to the film. But what really makes the movie work is the action. The bicycle riding is really intense and provides some of the best camera movements ever seen on screen. What’s really neat, though, is that we see the possible outcomes that Wilee sees as to what ways might be good, or might lead him to an accident. “Premium Rush” is for those who a little adrenaline in their movies.

 But that’s not to say that everything is good. For one thing, Michael Shannon who plays the corrupt cop is pretty much a cliché in the movie. He’s such a cliché, you’ll be glad when his character gets his just desserts.

 Now while the story is interesting and pretty easy to follow, the way it’s laid out feels like you’re reading a book. What this means is that you’re reading a book that’s delivering the imagery on screen. If the story wasn’t like this, then the movie would be better.

 In conclusion, “Premium Rush” is a good action movie with amazing camera effects, but could have handled the administration of it’s story more desirable.