Ok. Here we go. I had wanted to see this movie in the theater but never did. I just watched the DVD. And all I can say is I wish I would have seen it in the theater. I really liked this film with this said lets begin.

The movie stars John Cusick as a writer with a sad past,cliche’, but it worked for this story and  Samuel L. Jackson as the Hotel Manager of the Dolphin Hotel in New York. Now I do not want to give to much of this away but the premise of this movie is this, a writer who has lost faith in everything and is now writing hack books on scary hotels is brought to room 1408 of the Dolphin because numerous people have killed themselves there not to mention the many who have died of natural causes. He has gone there to dispute this fact(the room is haunted). SLJ tries to discourage him from staying there because no one has lasted more than a hour of course he chooses to stay.  And to quote a great line in the film, “Its a evil fucking room” and is it ever. I had several highs and lows and OH MY GODS in this movie. The special effects were the perfect amount, no over the top CGI. They had a perfect amount of jumpers and heart thrill pounders.  And just when you think the ride is over it so is not. Which I loved. The ending gives you a chill for sure. I would recommend seeing this film.