Cera in Youth In Revolt as Francois DillingerI’ve never read C.D Payne’s original novel, but I was curious to watch the film. The trailers were well put-together and made it look like a rather funny comedy, not to mention I wanted to see Michael Cera break loose. Cera is joined by the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Portia Doubleday, Jean Smart, and Steve Buscemi. The film starts off with Nick Twisp(Cera), loathing his life in modern-day Oakland, California.Nick is an intellectual, and doesn’t like the same things his peers do.  He’s more likely to sit in and listen to Sinatra and watch Fellini films than to be out with large groups of friends. He’d be fine with this if it weren’t for the fact that everyone around him seems to have a significant other. Nick’s mother has a boyfriend named Jerry(Galifianakis) who’s a bit of a dirt-bag. He sold a car to several sailors but put a banana in the tank. Needless to say, they want their money back. So to avoid payment, Jerry takes the family to a trailer park in Clear Lake for a couple weeks. At the trailer park, Nick meets Sheeni(Doubleday), who likes to watch French films and shares similar intellectual interests with Nick. Soon, Nick falls in love with Sheeni. But between her parents, her boyfriend, and Nick having to move back, he must form a new persona to help him get the girl. This is where he develops Francois Dillinger, the side of him that’s willing to do what he wasn’t willing to do before.The movie seems to fall short on the amount of humor I expected when watching the trailer. The film has a lot of funny people in it, but the jokes don’t quite live up to the talent. There are some jokes that I thought were very funny, but unfortunately I’d already seen them in the trailer. Zach Galifianakis is particularly disappointing. This is most certainly not the worst film he’s ever been in, but even in his worst films he tends to shine(Bubble Boy, Out Cold). Perhaps the funniest par of the film is Francois, who I don’t think we see enough of. Cera does a good job of playing the “Badass” that Francois is supposed to be, without over-acting or confusing his character. Justin Long also does a good job playing Sheeni’s druggie older brother, but again, we don’t see enough of him.Another problem I had with the film is the characters. There are characters who seem to just appear, even though we’re told they have an important role in the plot. Sheeni’s boyfriend we see for a total of maybe five minutes throughout the film, but the characters all talk about him. I have trouble liking Sheeni, when she not only cheats, but the way she treats Nick: caring more for a dog she barely sees/using her relationship with someone she barely likes as a reason to not get close at times. In fact, I find it hard to like really like any of the characters in the film, when Twisp is so hell-bent on getting a character who seems at times to just be leading him on, that he simply leaves friends behind like Lefty, his only real friend in Oakland who kept him from feeling insanely lonely.I didn’t hate the movie, but I had trouble liking the characters, and the humor was rather disappointing after watching the trailers. I found Francois to be an enjoyable part of the film, but he wasn’t in there as much as I would have liked. Overall, the movie seemed rather disappointing, but I’m sure it will still find its fan-base on DVD.