What happens when a narcissistic, ego-centric, mega millionaire, who is a master of engineering, finds himself in a life or death situation? He makes an iron suit powered by an “arc reactor”, placed in his chest to escape from the terrorists who have kidnapped him. Iron Man is born. This action/comedy film stars Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and alter ego Iron Man. In Iron Man 2 the second instalment of the Iron Man franchise we learn more about Marvel’s famed iron superhero and the effects that it has on the man behind the suit. Also starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L Jackson and Mickey Rourke. In the last film Tony Stark (Downey Jr) announced to the world that he is Iron Man, the attention that he received for being Iron Man is more than he ever got for just being Tony Stark, wunderkind and playboy, his ego thrives on it, maybe a little too much. Running Stark Industries seems to be becoming less and less important to him so he names his secretary Pepper Potts (Paltrow) CEO, so Tony receives a new secretary Natalie (Johansson) who is not all that she seems. Seeing this as a weakness rival industrialist Justin Hammer (Rockwell) of Hammer Industries teams up with ostracised and revengeful Whiplash (Rourke) to take down Iron Man and Stark Industries with it. Leaders of the Avengers Initiative Night Fury (L. Jackson) tries to calm Tony when his extreme attention seeking behaviour gets out of control. We start to see a more human side of Tony through his relationships. When he starts to realise that the “arc reactor” in his chest, that is keeping him alive, is slowly killing him. In his relationship with Pepper, we see him more vulnerable as he tries to tell her how he really feels. With Lt. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, we see their relationship tested, when Rhodey, must choose between his military call of duty, and his friendship with Tony. Let’s face it Tony doesn’t have many friends that he can afford to lose.Robert Downey Jr is the heart and soul of this movie. His rendition of the spoiled, arrogant, genius, rich superhero really holds this film together. You believe he is Iron Man, you believe he has feelings for a girl, you believe his is losing an important friendship and you believe he is dying, you believe in everything he does. Downey Jr and Paltrow have a great witty rapport together, their whole back and forth banter really sustains their relationship, it works. Also the casting of Don Cheadle as Lt. James “Rhodey” Rhodes is a more convincing choice for this role, and gives the character a much stronger edge, over Terrance Howard who played the role in the first film. The special effects in this film are spectacular. The Iron Man suit in this movie surely surpasses the one in the first. This suit can do basically anything you want fire grenades, fire light, be completely impervious to bullets, and many other things. The film then ups it with more suits, some equipped machine guns and military knowledge to make them even more badass. Then add a skeletal, electrical being with a  lightning bolt whip that can chop a car in half and you are in for one hell of an action thrill ride.If I were giving grades for films this one would deserve an A definitely, it has it all. Great action sequences, relationships put to the test and a comedic tone that really pulls it all together. This is one of those rare occurrences where the sequel is as good as or possibly even better than the original. It is a great movie for everyone and I recommend to all.