Detention is a 2012 comedy-horror film directed by former music video director, Joseph Kahn.  It starred Shanley Caswell as Riley Jones (the final girl of the movie), Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis, and Spencer Davis as Ione Foster with as Sander Sanderson (the killer).  In addition, the movie also featured Dane Cook playing the principal.

The movie essentially began with the most popular girl at school narrating what she does in the morning (by essentially breaking the fourth wall).  She was essentially killed at the end of the scene; then, the scene cut to the least popular girl at school narrating what she does in the morning.  She was portrayed as depressed and suicidal at the time, and the movie spent several scenes just to portray how unpopular she was.  Meanwhile, her crush was on the run because of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend wanting to fight.  The fight never officially happened, as it got interrupted several times before the other guy got killed at a party.  This led to everyone at the party being assigned detention by the principal (as a way to root out the killer).  Once there, the students decided to find the killer themselves.

When I first decided to watch this movie, I thought it was going to be another crappy horror movie that may be “so bad its good” like something Ed Wood would have done.  I felt the technical flaws would give me a laugh.  But I was wrong.  The movie was strangely entertaining, and not for the same reason I thought it would be.  It was funny, alright.  But the Jokes were intentional, rather than by accident.  It was essentially a spoof on slasher movies but actually funny (instead of being downright stupid like the “Scary Movie” franchise).  But it also parodied various other movies, such as “The Breakfast Club,” “Freaky Friday,” “Face/Off” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”  But the most creative and memorable reference would have to go to “the Fly.”  And in addition, the movie was also probably the most random movie I’ve ever seen.  Each of the flashbacks, as well as the random words that appeared on screen, were just so out of left field, it was hilarious.

This movie wasn’t perfect, but its unique combination of teen slasher film, time travel, alien invasion, and frequent 90s pop culture references (coupled with its strangely infectious humor) makes the movie worth checking out.