‘Mirror Mirror’ is a re-telling and re-imagining of the story of Snow White
All of the familiar story elements are there but some things are not quite right

There’s the Queen, the mirror, the handsome Prince, the apple and, of course, Snow
The dwarfs are there too, but their names are different than the ones we all know

Juila Roberts plays the mean and evil Queen who wants to be the fairest of them all
Lily Collins is Snow White and Armie Hammer is the Prince who’s handsome and tall

The Queen is broke so she raises the taxes and makes the villagers pay more
Things have gone bad since the King vanished and he was the one they did adore

One way the story is different is the dwarfs are thieves and rob people of their money
Another is that the dialogue is modernized and filled with quips that are quite funny

Julia Roberts has many of the funny lines and is very good playing the evil Queen
There’s some action and romance and some of the visuals are as good as can be seen

It’s kind of clever how the story gets twisted to tell it in a new and different way
It’s definitely not the same old Snow White but one worth watching, I would say