There’s really not much I can say about The Hangover as an introduction.  I mean, it’s a 2009 comedy—directed by Todd Phillips—which I’m sure most have either seen or heard about by now.  The movie stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis as the three main characters (collectively known as the Wolf Pack) and Justin Bartha as their missing friend, Doug.  In addition, the movie also features Heather Graham as a prostitute, Ken Jeong as a flamboyant gangster, Mike Epps as a drug dealer, and Mike Tyson as himself.

And it started with the four main characters preparing for Doug’s bachelor party.  Everything seems to go OK at first, until Alan (Galifianakis) unknowingly drugs everyone with Roofies (thinking it was Ecstacy).  This, of course, leads to massive memory loss in all four of them and Doug disappearing.  Afterwards, the three remaining characters go on a search through Las Vegas looking for Doug while also trying to piece together what happened that night.  Among the things they discover: Phil (Cooper) got a concussion, Stu (Helms) married a stripper, they stole Mike Tyson’s pet tiger and a police car, and they kidnapped a Chinese gangster.  Needless to say, hijinks ensued as they finally found the location of their friend.

Needless to say, the movie was quite funny.  It was exceptionally funny in fact.  All three of the leads showed tremendous comic timing (especially Galifianakis and the massive stupidity of his character).  Likewise, the supporting characters were also quite funny.  Ken Jeong was especially notable with his obviously gay mannerisms.  And there’s not really much more I can say about that.

Because of the perfectly timed humor, I couldn’t recommend the movie enough.  It’s not necessarily my favorite movie (or even the best movie I’ve reviewed), but the humor was fantastic.  And while it sometimes bordered on gross-out humor, it never went further than it should (like the American Pie series is known to do).