Cold Prey | Horror | rated R (A,L,V)| 1:37 mins | in Norwegian with English subtitles (this is a review of the dubbed version)

Five young friends, two couples and a jokester 5th wheel, head out for an isolated ski vacation. When the 5th wheel breaks his leg they seek refuge in a cabin that soon appears to have been long abandoned and then later appears to be occupied by some hulking figure who starts picking them off.

When one ventures into an obscure little slasher flick like “Cold Prey”, one hopes to find a diamond in the rough. That, to me, is one of the most fun things about horror movies – the treasure hunt. My hopes were that “Cold Prey” would be the next “Severance” – but in the snow. But aside from setting it in the snow, pull out “Severance’s” wacky sense of humor, solid acting, self-conscious script and likeable characters and then you get something closer to “Cold Prey”.

Let’s do some quick horror movie math. 5 characters divided by 1 hour and 37 minutes equals a lot of down time between kills – if there are any kills at all. “Cold” fills that time with a lot of mindless chatting and exploring of dark hallways. It is very much every slasher movie you’ve ever seen, with an uncommonly exciting musical score and an ending that in it’s last 5 minutes finds a shred of inspiration.

“Cold Prey” is a slasher movie without a gimmick. Its villain is a large man wearing many climate appropriate layers and spends much of the film simply being photographed from below the neck while the movie side-steps trying to find him an originally scary way to hide his face. He kills with a pick ax or his bare hands, none of them particularly inspired.

It may be Norwegian but “Cold” is still another slasher flick with barely-there characters, familiar settings, tired plot points, a last second twist that means nothing and a completely forgettable villain.