After about 5 straight hours of research, I have compiled my list of the ten greatest actors of all time. Now, you may not agree, but this is wholly based on performance, regardless of how bad the movie was they were in. If they were good, then that is a point for them. An example would be #10 on this list’s Daniel Day-Lewis. I loved him in There Will be Blood, though I hated There Will be Blood.Without further ado, I bring you my list, after countless pieces of research, my list for the top ten actors of all time.BTW: I like these actors, but they aren’t as good: screw Laurence Olivier, Peter O’Toole and John Wayne. None of them are on this list.Honorable Mentions:>Morgan Freeman>Laurence Olivier>John Wayne>Jimmy Stewart>Peter O’Toole>Tom Hanks>Tim Curry>Leonardo DiCaprio>Christopher Walken>Benicio del Torro>Laurence Fishburne>Tim Roth>Steve Buscemi>Stephen Lang>Ray Liota>Tom Cruise (Solely because of Vanilla Sky)>Mickey Rourke>Harvey Keitel>Samuel L. Jackson>Joe PesciMy Top Ten:10. Daniel Day-Lewis9. Brad Pitt8. Jack Nicholson7. Sean Penn6. John Malkovich5. Kevin Spacey4. Edward Norton3. TIE:>Johnny Depp>Robert Downey, Jr.2. Robin Williams1. Sam Rockwell