This film kicks off to the meeting of hired assassin, Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) and recently boyfriend dumped, Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigel) in Nice, Italy.  Kornfeldt is forced, by her parents, to vacation with them to Italy to help get over her recent relationship. Aimes is there to complete another assassination. Aimes wants out of the killing business but never found a good reason until he met and fell in love with Kornfeldt. Aimes finally gets to have a normal life in the suburbs with a wife, great neighbors, along with a kill-free career. A couple of years later on Aimes birthday, things turn south when a hit is made on his head and everyone he knows (neighbors and co-workers) are also assassins wanting to take his life for twenty million dollars. Kornfeldt was suppose to take a plane to San Francisco on business, but decides to surprise Aimes. Unfortunately, Kornfeldt walked into deathly scrabble of Aimes and one of his so-called friend. Little did she know, she has to help her husband stay alive by fighting experienced killers. Will Aimes survive to live another birthday? Can Kornfeldt handle the pressure to dodging bullets? 


Honestly, I didn’t like the film. Ashton Kutcher should not be in action films because this movie made him look like a terrible fighter and actor. He’s always getting banged up by everyone, including a 90lb woman. Even when he was doing his assassin thing, the act just looked lazy and tired. There’s nothing new for Katherine Heigel. She always plays the mysterious, lovable character. The movie could have went better if it was casted apparently. It also seemed that some of the scenes were missing something, such as an extra explanation or better action parts. The story line was decent but could have been revised and reedited. From Italy to three years later to assassins trying to kill Aimes, made the story seemed rushed and just thrown at you.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this film at the theatres and waste $11 not including popcorn and soda, but watch it on DVD instead.