The five best films of 2010 so far are somewhat difficult to pick since many of them have actually been quite good. Films like Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood let me down quite a bit, whereas many, MANY films surprised me. My top 5 so far in 2010 are:

5. TIE:
>Leaves of Grass – Tim Blake Nelson wrote and directed this film which starred Edward Norton as an college professor in one of the funniest black comedies in recent memory. B.
>She’s Out of My League – A very funny film with Jay Barruchel as a in-trouble designate “moodle” who needs to find love whatever the cost. B.
>Hot Tub Time Machine – A hilarious and very stupid film. A must-see on DVD or at home.B.

4. TIE:
>From Paris With Love – Pierre Morrel’s masterful film that includes John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Very fun, entertaining film. B+.
>The Ghost Writer – I don’t respect Roman Polanski, but this film is good, and I think that you can hate however much you want to, but when something gets done by them, then you can’t deny how good it is. B+.

3. Shutter Island – Even though this film gave the twist away too quickly and Martin Scorsese’s touch seemed missing, along with the fact that the cast was very wrong, this film still delivered and was quite well done, regardless of the director’s history… or the screenwriter’s. B+.

2. The Book of Eli – The great acting and awesome action sequences (along with its overall theme) make this movie a must see for the year. Bottom Line: A.

1. Brooklyn’s Finest – The great acting and fantastic script along with brilliant direction from veteran Antoine Fuqua make this film a fantastic theater treat. It is a must buy on DVD and it is coming out on July 6! A+.