Directed by Steve Shill.

Starring Idris Elba, Beyoncé Knowles, Ali Larter

The superior Fatal Attraction was unassuming, calculating and very decisive. If you care to look up the title you’ll probable get over 1000 odd attachments including defining moments in cinema lore, stalker,interoffice mingling, crisis counseling, how to make rabbit stew, etc.
Since Fatal Attraction is 23 years old now alot of little kiddies have no idea(nor do they care for that matter) of that movies impact on awareness. The movie was like Diehard in the sense that it inspired a dozen clones of inferior quality.

OBSESSED is one of those clones. Slightly better than say THE CRUSH but not by much. It settles somewhere in the neighborhood between straight to video fluff DREAM LOVER and THE TEMP. But it cannot touch the mastery of Adrian Lyne’s 1987 psychological nightmare. Hell even Lakeview Terrace has more up it’s sleeve than this feeble attempt at tension building.

For the viewer between the ages of 10-27 OBSESSED will appear to be a fresh and well executed thriller with great lighting and tricky camera angles, glossed up and staring a beautiful ensemble it even includes a single from the great Beyonce. How cool is that right… but for the 30-70 years old this is amateur hour. Obsessed is a pedestrian wimpy burger with no real sizzle,
that will feel right at home next to your favorite after school special.