Dumb and Dumber stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly, Victoria Rowell, Felton Perry, and Charles Rocket.  It is produced by Steve Stabler, Brad Krevoy, and Charles B. Wessler.  The director is Peter Farrelly.

The story centers around two dimwitted morons named Harry Dunn (Daniels) and his even dumber best friend Lloyd Christmas (Carrey).  It all begins in Providence, Rhode Island when Lloyd drives a beautiful, young woman named Mary Swanson to the airport to fly back to Aspen, Colorado.  But something is wrong.  She leaves her briefcase at the airport.  Lloyd sees this and unsuccessfully tries to return it to her.  Little does he know that the case was left there on purpose and inside it is filled with ransom money to pay her husband’s kidnappers.  They were just ahead of Lloyd when he slid in front of them and got the case first.  Later on that night Harry and Lloyd, desperate to find a purpose for their miserable existence, decide to drive to Aspen and return Mary’s briefcase to her.

Sometimes Jim Carrey is known to overdo his comedic actions but, on the other hand, who else could play a role like that so well.  Dumb and Dumber is no exception.  About a half hour into the film, Lloyd is fantasizing about Mary.  In that fantasy, they are in a restaurant together when the host starts coming on to Mary.  Lloyd attacks him with some fancy karate moves and screams that only he can pull off.  Later on, he is assaulted by a trucker that he had tricked into paying his bill earlier in the film.  Harry saves him by bursting into the restroom stall that they were in.  He finds Lloyd sucking his thumb like a baby.

The toilet humor goes a bit overboard in the movie.  There is a scene when Lloyd has to relieve himself but Harry doesn’t want to stop the van.  So he suggests Lloyd urinate in some of the empty beer bottles in the back.  He fills so many of them, Harry has to hold some of the used bottles while driving.  Meanwhile he is pulled over for speeding.  The cop spots the open beer bottles and orders them to give one to him.  Harry and Lloyd try to warn him but he doesn’t listen.  He takes a drink and immediately realizes that it wasn’t beer in that bottle.  The cop starts to gag and orders them to get out of there.  Towards the end, Lloyd puts a laxative in Harry’s tea.  While Harry is driving to a date with Mary he starts to feel the effects.  When he arrives, he goes right to the toilet and relieves himself.  The sound effects really kick in here.

To wrap, if you are a fan of slap-stick comedy, this is the film for you.  I give it four out of five stars!