Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) feels something is missing from his life-something more to life. While his wife, Lori (Kate Beckinsale) tries to fill that void with love and tenderness, it’s not enough. Doug thinks that going to total recall-where memories are implanted in the brain-is the place to help him despite his friend’s, Harry (Bookeem Woodbine) warnings against it. Once there, Doug is ready to accept his new memory but something goes wrong and armed men storm inside to take him. Reacting on instinct, Doug performs dangerous combat moves he’s never used. Not able to trust anyone-even Lori-but an unfamiliar friend, Melina (Jessica Biel), as the two fight to survive as Doug pieces together who he really is. Why are armed men after Doug? Will Melina betray Doug? Is ¬†this part of total recall and Doug is still under?¬†

First things first, I love love love Lori. She was awesomely bad-butt (lol, sorry I don’t curse). She was kicking the crap out of Doug and very determined throughout the entire movie, more like the human version of the terminator. She is so my kind of woman. The girl fight (which always comes when there are two woman in an action flick) wasn’t all hair pulling and cat screaming but actual face and elbow punching. Very nice! I love the futuristic background and way of life. It wasn’t too unrealistic as in that will never happen in our future. Colin, of course, was great but not better than Kate. Did I mention how awesome she was? Any who, he did a great job transitioning emotionally through difficult scenarios. For instance, the moment he realizes that there is more to him, something secretive, than meets the eye and the way he reacts in dangerous situations. Bookeem, where have you been? He was a great supporting actor. His mellow and carefree view of life and being a friend to Doug even when a dozen set of guns are pointing in Doug’s face. Koodos to everyone that had an involvement in this movie. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray.
Rating: 4.5 stars