The Prodigy is out on DVD! You’ve probably never heard of it and weren’t waiting in eager anticipation for its release, however, now that it is indeed out its existence is on the radar and read on as to whether or not you should waste your time with this action thriller.

The Prodigy’s directing credit goes to Mr. William Kaufman who seems to have made his action film after watching the Saw horror film series a few too many times. The Saw effect is not really in the story, which centers around a mythical assassin stalking a gangster enforcer who he envisions to be his “prodigy” or replacement in the world of killing, but rather in the lighting, mood, and the filtered voice used by the assassin. Actually, then again, he does pose some of his victims in a artistic horror movie killer sort of way.

Acting: Holt Boggs plays the lead role, not the assassin, but the man up against the assassin. This film made Holt Boggs look cool; who is Holt Boggs? He is that cool actor from The Prodigy. Well done acting for the lead, the supporting cast was hit and miss, but the energy surrounding Holt made up for it. When the Assassin’s face is revealed it is another enjoyable moment of acting skills, but no spoilers.

This is an independent film and for something in the action genre that usually means a horrible plot and poorly filmed action sequences. Even though one can tell this film’s budget wasn’t so high and the glossy film stock wasn’t used, the fight scenes and the action are quite a violent and entertaining accomplishment. The look is not the sharpest by far, but the way Holt Boggs throws a punch is an incredible and fun thing to behold.

The story is interesting to a degree, however the role of the villain being a religious obsessed man killing to sort of gets Gods attention and yadda yadda felt old. All of the bad guy’s preaching felt flat and really brought the experience of the film down several notches.

On a recommendation lists people would probably see this title and then the message that “other viewers who enjoyed The Prodigy also enjoyed The Boondock Saints.” The Prodigy has the same vibe and feel that could launch it into cult action status on DVD, and it does have around the same amount of errors and annoyances as The Boondock Saints. However, it also has Holt Boggs and does not have The Boondocks annoying director Troy Duffy who is the center of a insightful documentary entitled “Overnight” if you want to see a lesson on how not to act in Hollywood once you get a big movie deal.

The Prodigy is not that great a movie, but it is worth a watch due to the accomplishments achieved in some of the fighting sequences. The shooting may go on for too long and not be state of the art effects, but the film is an inspiration that low budget independent directors in the action genre may be heading in the right direction.