This one, I watched on Netflix Instant play. I had heard lots of good reviews on it, and most reviewers assured me of its happy ending and heart warming tale.They lied.

Ballet Shoes is the story of three orphan girls being raised by a women in a large house that belonged to an old man who disappeared a long, long time ago.

Because of their state of poverty, they decide to enter the entertainment business to make a living. One becomes an actress, one a ballerina, and the last is mainly interested in flying planes….

Both the actress and the ballerina go through seasons of pride, anger, and selfishness. Although in the end everything turns out alright, barely any consequences on there behavior are shown. Everyone stays pretty much the same as they were in the beginning of the film, and we are left hanging about one characters illness. The children’s destinies seem likely to turn them into proud annoying peacocks; not to mention the romance is rather flaky and dry.

It wasn’t a very long movie, but it seemed to take forever. The movie had no climax or momentum. I also found the bad audio and the British accents together made the dialogue very hard to understand.

So, as you see, I would not recommend this one to rent, even if Emma Watson is in it.