In ‘The Dictator’, Sasha Baron Cohen plays a fictitious dictator named Aladeen
You’ll know what to expect if ‘Borat’ and ‘Bruno’ are movies you have seen

This one has more of a story and doesn’t feel like a documentary like the other two
Just like those it has rude, crude and offensive moments so it doesn’t feel very new

As his country’s leader he comes to America and New York City is where he goes
He is asked to meet with the U.N. since the fear of his country’s nuclear power grows

Once in New York, he gets kidnapped, has his beard cut off and no one recognizes him
He tries to convince people that he’s the real leader but his chances are very slim

There’s a big scheme being orchestrated by the dictator’s own second in command
With a look-a-like pretending to be the real dictator things are going just as planned

The real dictator figures out how to get his position back and makes a plan of his own
A woman helps him, played by Anna Faris, who runs a store of things organically grown

This movie is a bit hard to describe concisely and feels more like a bunch of skits and bits
It’s not for everyone and, while some of it is o.k., I say more of it misses than actually hits