Well .. Well. Marky Mark what can i say? your last couple movies have been stunning , The Fighter and now this?. Huh. Maybe your finally sighing on to movies that actually suit you. Other Guys was an ‘ok’ comedy , but your comedic side was not as good as your action movie persona side. Contraband delivers all this and more. A well executed , fast pace , action packed thrill ride. That does not suffer from over the top action sequences such as say Killer Elite or Repo Men. Its an R rated action film that blends its action and story very creatively and introduces us to a side of Giovanni Ribsi and Ben Foster we have never been acquired to view. My only complaint was that .. yes of most movies these days its was predictable , but a minor flaw .. one that should not worry movie-goers. Contraband is a well made film and does boast one of Whalberg’s more emotional and hardcore parts (aside from Departed of course). It comes no where in the shadows of his smash hit last year “The Fighter”. You can never really capture that kind of emotion and integrity such as that film did. Contraband does set a new high on Mark’s career a box office film worthy to put on his application. So after this .. im very more intrigued to see how his movie this summer “Ted” will be. But for now Contraband will due for all those Mark fans out there.

Story: 4/5 – Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) used to be one of the best smugglers in the state. He was like “Houdini of smuggling”. Chris was the guy that you hired to run stuff whenever needed. Now years later he has settled down , working hard running his own security system business. Chris has a wife Kate (Kate Beckinsale) and two kids. On the day of his brothers wedding. They receive a call that Kate’s brother in law Andy was smuggling drugs for a thug Tim Briggs (Ribisi). But was forced to get rid of the drugs due to a random police search. Briggs then puts Andy in the hospital and gives him 2 weeks to pay the $700grand before Briggs will kill Andy and go after Chris and his family. Now forced out of retirement. Chris begins the operation of his career. Setting up an illegal operation on a local boat headed by Captain Camp (J.K Simmons). They make a plan to smuggle over $5 grand overseas when there they will sell for counterfeit money worth over a million.

Story(4/5) as i did the best job i could above. Contraband’s story is nothing new or original obviously. But it sheds some new light on the smuggling game. It does make you think that over all the years people have been doing this .. that easily and getting away with it. The Message the movie has towards the end of the movie is definitively one that should not be taught in school. But it is a good ending and its always nice to see Mark Whalberg kick ass and take names. I just wish there was more action to the movie .. then there was. At times the over the top cliche heist situations are atrocious mainly because i would like to see anyone today accomplish half the stuff that was achieved in this movie. But then again that is why it is just a movie. Acting (4.5/5) – As the basis for my review it has been centered around Whalberg and the very unique style he has in choosing his movies. There not classics (Fighter arguable). But Whalberg i feel every movie he does .. he immerses himself in the role and for that i can respect him as an actor. Other supporting works included Giovanni Ribisi i think his last movie was Avatar? anyway hes not really bad guy type?. But he is almost the exact guy perfect for his role as the ruthless , cruel and sadistic drug lord whom will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Ben Foster also lends a hand and Kate Beckinsale could have phoned in her performance ..but im not complaining. Directing(4/5) – nothing really stood out direction wise.

Overall: (4/5) – Its obviously a step down from Wahlberg’s last picture “the Fighter”. But he succeeds in quite possible one of best heist/espionage thrillers I’ve ever seen. Mark is definitely in his comfort zone and delivers a knockout performance a pleasant surprise. That is exactly what it is!. For the first true action movie to come out this year. Contraband certainly will make its mark on the Box office (for now anyway). Audiences will flock to see this. and by next January when the next action romp is out .. this movie will be forgotten. But for now lets let Contraband enjoy some excitement. There is no where wrong you can go here. The material or the script that was turned in , was good and all you need for that is well payed actors and a good director with a vision. now the director of this film really does not stand out. But. Contraband explodes onto the screen , now critics might not see it. Cause most critics really don’t know a good movie when they see it. But Contraband is that weird Guilty Pleasure of mine that comes along … not so often. So my final word on this picture. Well damn ive been talking this whole thing. You could have seen this movie by NOW!


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