Damn you Nicholas Sparks! He is easily the most devious man that has any association with
Hollywood movies. The Notebook (2004) was good, I’m not going to lie, Nights in Rodanthe (2008) was pretty bad, Dear John (2010) was ok, and now we have this giant piece of crap. I was forced to see all of those, along with The Last Song, and I am just angry I had to pay for this one! I mean Dear John just came out, and it was ok, tolerable, but now there is this cluster of a film that is a blatantly bad rip-off of it.


All of his movies basically work out the exact same way, and you know exactly what to expect, thus is more than likely why nothing came as a shock, or brought out a single emotion in me. The Last Song is about a [badly portrayed] rebellious girl (Miley Cyrus) who is shipped with her brother (Bobby Coleman) to live with their dad (Greg Kinnear) for the summer. But of course Ronnie (Miley’s character) is going to develops a love interest, and she does with Will Blakelee (played by Liam Hemsworth). So it’s your typical teen romance movie set-up, and the pay off? typically bad teen romance movie.


The movie was directed by Julie Ann Robinson who has not done a movie previous to this one, which is more than likely a good thing. Here she does nothing good towards the movie and just ends up doing a bunch of cliché shots and motions that just drag you threw this god awful movie. I am not quite sure how she allowed Miley Cyrus to keep the lead role, she should have identified that she is a terrible actress and should have definitely re-casted the role herself. The sad thing that comes from this is the fact that she is only going to get more jobs because of this movie, when in all honestly, she should never be allowed near a camera again.


The movie has terrible acting, at best. Miley Cyrus should have never even attempted to act, she is god awful, there is not a single scene where I thought she had promise or hope for improvement. In the beginning I though about walking out because of how ridiculously unbelievable she was. She doesn’t know how to inherit a character, because it was Hannah Montana trying to be a rebel, which just equal disaster. I think Miley should just stick with singing, which she can’t even do that well! I truly thought that maybe Greg Kinnear could shine a light as far as acting went, but he offered nothing. I like Kinnear a lot, but he just is very stale and lame in this movie, yes lame. I could tell though he was resenting every minute he was in it, because he really doesn’t express emotions ever, and always has the same expression on his face the entire movie.


Usually the young child brings charm to the movie, but Bobby Coleman is one of the most annoying child actors I’ve ever had the displeasure of viewing. He adds no character and is just the whiny type; when he isn’t suppose to be. Sure there are times but he most definitely overplays it. There is a scene with him in which the viewer is supposed to cry but I laughed, out loud I might add. Liam Hemsworth is not a good actor, but a pretty face. He just stands there never expressing emotion, there was a scene, again, when we were suppose to get upset but I laughed, out loud, again. This is easily the most horrible displayed attempt at acting I’ve ever seen in a movie.


The movie was written by Nicholas Sparks & Jeff Van Wie, and it’s absolutely terrible. There isn’t a single good moment I can remember. I was never entertained, concerned about the characters, upset, or involved with the story. It has every cliché you can think of; no originality. No emotion and just another typical Nicholas Sparks story. It was literally a half-assed version of Dear John, which was half-assed itself. So it’s the ending of half-assing a half-ass, yup that’s how bad it is.


The thing that makes me mad the most was that I spent $10 to see this (I was forced, again) and I could have seen Kick-Ass for a third time, which I much would have rather done. I can tell you right now this will end up as my #1 worst movie of 2010, it is god awful, and easily one of the worst movies ever.