I know that Robert E. Howard created Conan, my favorite barbarians of all time!  I also know that he created that other famous barbarian — Kull the Conqueror.  What I don’t know is that he also created Solomon Kane!  So when I learned about it, there is just no reason for me not to see Kane since I admire Robert E. Howard’s creations and visions.

And after watching it,  I could say that I’m satisfied with the movie.  I love the fight scenes and the effects.  I like the story.  Another best thing going for the movie is the lead actor playing Kane, James Purefoy (Mark Anthony in the HBO series Rome — another favorite of mine!).  As another reviewer said, “He effortlessly transforms Kane into an almost iconic big-screen hero.”  Well said!

There is just one thing that bothers me.  Everytime I look at Solomon Kane, I’m reminded of a similarly-clad anti-hero, Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing.  But the similarity ends there since Kane is a serious film that’s worthy of a sequel while Van Helsing is rather shallow and cartoony.

And one final thing that I loved about Solomon Kane — THE FONT!!!  Now where can I get a TrueType of that cool font? :)