‘This Means War’ has some action, some romance and some comedy in its mix

Reese Witherspoon is the female lead who finds herself in a bit of a dating fix

Two CIA agents played by Tom Hardy and Chris Pine are the ones getting involved

They use their CIA status to do unusual things in order to get the situation resolved

Chelsea Handler plays Reese’s best friend who signs her up on a dating website

Circumstances work out to find these two good buddies in this friendly dating fight

Using their CIA resources they perform surveillance on her and each other’s dates

This helps them find out details that they hope will determine their ultimate fates

The bickering between them escalates and they would like this conflict done

She’s equally conflicted dating the two of them and is trying to pick just one

The action scenes, which seem out of place in this film, feel sort of contrived

A big shoot out at the beginning sets up the climax with the bad guy who survived

The varied elements in this film, I think, were done to try to make the appeal wide

It’s really not very good and I would say to pass on this if you’re trying to decide