There are generally two kinds of movies. One is that which will entertain to the best that lacks a strong plot and great lead cast. Another is one with, a good plot and some terrific lead roles. Wrath of the titans probably belongs somewhere in between. It neither boasts itself with jaw drop moments to cherish nor has a good moving plot to care and think a lot. It is totally visual with lot of CGI scattered all over the place. The big problem in here is in spite of having a strong cast support it could not deliver the goods. The main reason is plot that depends only on graphic work. Another problem is the crew that has under taken the task. Jonathan Liebesman who is famous for psychological thrillers has suddenly picked up a mythological concept. Thanks to him, he has taken only the job of direction. But to the real demise is from screenwriters and the story writer. Lot of changes from the original mythological facts has come into place which has spoilt the chance of some character development and scope to perform. On the whole basis, it is solely made for visual satisfaction, which is not even quite satisfying.


To be simple and straight forward, the plot is about Perseus the demi god of Zeus, to go and save his father from his brother Ares and uncle who have imprisoned him to take his powers and rebuild the monstrous grandfather of Perseus. Yes I am right, and this is the plot. One question in my mind is, if at all such a story why choose such a strong cast. Prime examples in form of Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson who are really great talented actors to show emotions and lot of acting skills in here is just been used to stay lame and blindly push their hands with force to destroy CGI pieces. What a waste of talent from them. Another is Sam Worthington, who is probably having a bad time after Avatar once again is wasted. He has no scope to perform rather utter some cheap dialogs and fist fight with the antagonist. Consider the point that he is the main character in the movie and he has nothing to do here. In the previous movie also he was there to kill the monsters, again it has been repeated.


With a run time of 99 minutes, it kept me waiting for some improvement in the plot and I was desperate for real thrilling action sequences till the forty five minute mark. But there were two headed monster with snake tail, and giant Cyclops which are also seen in Lord of the Rings. For one particular reason, if CGI was missing then, what would have happened to the movie? Demise. Yes it is evident. Thanks to some acceptable visual effects in the temple where mazes move and set pieces that might slightly impress from the struggling plot. Fire Monster was totally not good. It was irritating and thank god I did not see in 3D.


None of the characters are developed to the best. Perseus has been wasted a lot. His unknown dealing with his wife is not shown and the mythology says that he is married to Andromeda and Helius is his son. But here Andromeda meets Helius and Perseus informs that he has a son now. Now who is his wife? Zeus is another character. Legend says that he is treated as Father of Gods. Now he is tied to lengthy fire chains and sucked power to weaken him. Ares the god of war is not shown the deal to control war and no dialog of him is evident. When Ares attacks Perseus during fist fight, we see tears in eyes. There are no reasons behind that. Okay even if I consider that he has still a heart for hurting his own brother, he violently attacks him. This is totally misfiring and direction is weak in here. When coming to performances, nothing is left to leave us is awe and wonder. There are weak dialogs all over and neither of the cast impress. Great talents have been wasted for fighting graphic creatures.


Finally it is a challenge for Liebesman to take a daunting task. He has decided to take care a lot on visual effects and probably he succeeded in that. But still Lord of the Rings wins in terms of technical aspects. As a movie, this is just purely made for money making, that won’t even rake up huge amounts. One might believe that if there is a chance for another sequel, it should be from some expertise like James Cameron or Peter Jackson. On the whole Wrath of the titans with the subtitle “feel the wrath” really makes audience feel for watching this movie especially in 3D.