“Date Night” was a fun, riveting movie. With Steve Carell as a boring tax advisor and Tina Fey as an uptight realtor who live a boring life and decide to try and take things up a notch and make their lives more exciting. On their night out in Manhattan they run into numerous problems that make it the most exciting, dangerous night of their lives.

Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) have a weekly date night that they go on weekly to the local steakhouse. When their friends Brad (Mark Ruffalo) and Haley (Kristen Wiig) announce their divorce and claim it’s because their life together was boring, both Phil and Claire are afraid that they may have fallen into a marriage funk just like theirs friends.

Phil decides to take Claire to the new trendy Manhattan restaurant and when they are not able to get a table. Phil takes a reservation of a couple, the Triplehorns, that was a no-show. Dinner is going great when two men come and interrupt their dinner and escort the two outside. Once outside the two men pull out guns and are threatening the “Triplehorns” unless they give them what they are after, a flash-drive, which the Fosters do not have.

The Fosters through out this movie are trying to escape these two men, who end up being bad cops.

The Fosters go to Holbrooke Grant (Mark Wahlberg) who was a former client of Claire’s and also a security expert. Holbrooke helps the Fosters find who the real Triplehorns are and where they live.

When the Fosters go to confront the Triplehorns about this matter things go awry, but they end up getting the flash drive from them before they escape. The Fosters think they are in the clear until the go on a car chase which ends up with their car in the river and the flash-drive gone. But before that happens Phil sees that there are pictures of the District Attorney Frank Crenshaw (William Fichtner) on it with prostitutes. 

The Foster’s go back to Holbrooke for help with a plan on how to get out of this sticky situation that they have put themselves in.

This was a classic comedy, the music was not to exciting, and not a whole lot of special affects, but the story line put together by none other then Josh Klausner, who in the past has written great comedies such as, “Dumb and Dumber”  “There’s something about Mary“ and “Shrek” I think that “Date Night” could be added as another great for him.

Director Shawn Levy, could not have chosen better actors for these parts. Carell and Fey play very well off of one another, making this otherwise, unrealistic and dense film a hit.

Through out this whole movie I laughed, sometimes at the lines actually being funny, sometimes just at the whole situation. I would definitely recommend this movie if you enjoy, the quirky fun movie!